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"New" Moon Rising

Moon’s Blues
Revised second edition, October 2015

Silver Beech Press
Available Now

It stands to reason that you don’t need to have the blues to play them. I mean, I’m sure B.B. King had his share of suffering, but really, once you’ve salted away the odd million or two, the blues must necessarily be at least mitigated, wouldn’t you think?
   These were the sort of thoughts drifting through my mind as I practiced holding down the strings of a G chord on my new guitar...

After discovering that playing guitar isn’t as easy as it looks, Duggie Moon, Rapidan County’s most affable aging flower child, abandons his fledgling music career and decides to try his hand at managing a rock band instead. How hard could it be?

But when a talented local group takes him on, Duggie soon learns to his dismay that the six members of Identity Crisis are one frayed nerve away from implosion, and he’ll be lucky if he can hold the band together long enough to play at the big Halloween concert he’s promoting with borrowed funds. Lots of borrowed funds.

As the concert nears, pressure mounts, storm clouds gather, and egos clash like cymbals under the October moon, even a stoned-out optimist like Duggie knows someone could get hurt. He can only hope it will be the drummer. That guy’s been asking for it.