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Goddess Revived

The Goddess of Green Lake
Second edition, December 2016

Silver Beech Press
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She's back.

The Goddess of Green Lake first emerged in 2011 from the mists and fog cloaking the Seattle area. It's an urban folktale of sorts about a musician whose life gets complicated after he falls for a passionate environmental activist who convinces him to liberate an orphaned baby otter from a public aquarium.

The Goddess spent most of last year at the spa, working on her core, shedding some excess baggage, renewing the spring in her step. She's ready for her close-up.

The story hasn't changed a lot, except that the leading man has more time on stage. He didn't ask for the spotlight, but some people are just born to shine.

The revised second edition also includes a new woodcut map of Seattle by Deborah Harris. More details here.