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Sappy New Year

Exploding With Joy, or Not

Raise your hand if the mere thought of another New Year’s Eve makes you queasy with dread.

I’m all for auld lang syne and whatnot. A cup of cheer and thou beside me singing in the wilderness suits me fine. But the prospect of another loud, stimulant-fueled night […]

“Community” Delivers Outside the Box

At this time of year sometimes I find myself wishing that Elf would get Scrooged.

Some may suggest that this is merely a sign that I’ve wasted too many hours watching Christmas specials on TV, and I can’t deny it. I think I watch them, repeatedly, in hopes of recovering that twinkling sensation of Potteresque […]

Heading to the Light

Look homeward, angel.

I just read in a new poll taken in the United States that the majority of respondents claimed they felt they were not as well off as they’d been two years ago.

Were these people living in Shangri-la two years ago?

I would argue that the vast majority of Americans […]

Lenin Lights Up

Lenin Shines

Christmas spirit is a matter of opinion. The “right” way to celebrate, or even acknowledge the curious amalgam of traditions and customs which surround the last week of the year has become a popular political football in the last thirty years or so. And each year the game gets louder, thanks […]

Burning Bright


We had our first big snow in a while here last week. Supposedly, Seattle was ready for this one. The newscasters filled hours with coverage of the city’s new state of preparedness, telling us how much salt, sand and plowing we could expect to see.

We didn’t see much of anything in […]

Grateful Red

Red lake, Green Lake

When Green Lake turns red, we count our blessings and try to tone down the ranting.

I Become English

The following is an excerpt from a work in progress, “Not From Around Here.”

For a shy child, one problem with reading books to escape the difficulties of live human interaction is that if you’re always reading, you’ll never make eye contact with another human. Tunneling into books to escape being alone becomes a kind […]

Here Comes the Night

All the coolest cats appreciate literature.

Draw the shades. Light the fire. Dig into that pile of books you’ve been saving for this: The Long Dark Tunnel of the Northwest Night.

In November the whiplash-inducing sudden end of Daylight Saving Time sends many of us inside to seek bright cheer through various means. […]

Court Date

A coach’s work is never done.

See ball. Chase ball. Hit ball, catch ball, throw, kick, lunge for, jump for, dive for ball.

Dogs aren’t the only species whose eyes light up at the sight of a ball. We humans feel the pull, the ‘catch me if you can’ spell of the bouncing, […]


Some say it’s the beer. Others praise the pumpkins, the rainbow foliage, the costumed craziness. Of late, zombies seem to be in vogue.

But October has other charms, less flashy, perhaps, but equally satisfying.

An afternoon beside the lake, the whisper of leaves in the breeze, the distant slap of oars as the crew teams […]