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The Human Conditioner

Christmas, they say, is a time for sharing. They don’t specify what.

In a purely technical sense, I guess it could be argued that the implied notion is economic. Make like Scrooge and divest your holdings, even out the distribution of wealth, or at least make token offerings as those wise men of old are […]

Kitten Gnomics

Why does a kitten chase its tail?

To get to the other side.

This makes as much sense as any other answer, I’ve decided. Of course, it may be because I’m still dizzy from watching our new 8-week-old kitten doing 30 rpm as she seeks in vain to catch that furry snake that has been […]

Dumb and Hummer

So, we just got back from a stimulating trip to Vancouver, where they have more glorious views than you can shake a stick at, though why you would want to shake a stick at anything except your dog is beyond me. But I digress.

We did see a lot of breathtaking mountains, a lot of […]

Bright Lights, Dim Wits

Okay. I confess. I never watched Survivor. Not even once.

I also never watched Joe Millionaire, The Apprentice, The Great Race or The Swan. Are we seeing a pattern here? Yes. Not a big fan of “reality” shows. I did, though, find myself snared when a friend chose to participate in one. Each week I […]

Bedding Crashers

No sooner does the garden party get underway than they show up, gorgeous creatures, first in line for the drinks, stealing the spotlight effortlessly. In no time at all they’re lurching drunkenly around the garden, gaily thrusting themselves against every beauty in the place.

I didn’t invite them. But, I’m always glad to see them […]

How I Became A Romance Writer

Whenever people ask me about my book, I hear the words coming out of my mouth before I can stop them, “Oh, it’s just a romance.”

This goes against all the advice of those in the romance industry, who are constantly trying to find ways to get the media and the public to give romance […]