A Darker Shade of Green

Into The Woods We Go

I’ve decided to try something new with my latest book.

I’m putting it out for free on the web. This project will be published serially, one or two chapters at a time, starting today.

The Greening is the first volume in a contemporary fantasy trilogy about a young woman who goes on a quest to find her missing father and stumbles onto another world where magic still flourishes, just around the cosmic corner from Earth.

As is often the case in fantasy, there are castles, and dragons and elves. But the story unfolds in a vampire-free zone. Ditto werewolves, zombies, flesh-eating bacteria, etc. The premise of the story is that humanity is its own worst enemy. Our planet is in peril, largely as a result of human actions. Our real life “happy ending” depends on whether or not we can tame ourselves before we wreck the joint. Or will we face eviction?

History proves that humans are capable of monstrous behavior. Yet hope still burns because we are also occasionally capable of heroic action.

The Greening begins…

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