‘Tis Autumn

The Blue Ridge mountains make music of their own.

There is a Blue Ridge of the mind, where the shadows beckon, full of secrets and music, especially when autumn comes clad in russet and gold.

It’s a place where people mind their own business, but still look out for one another. Where sharing comes naturally and harmony breeds in the red clay.

This is the world of Duggie Moon, affable slacker entrepreneur, former Latin scholar, and music lover. Duggie gets along with most people, but every now and then even a peaceable stoner like Douglas C. Moon finds himself in a tight spot, because not everyone on the planet is pure of heart.

This year, as another breathtakingly beautiful autumn burnishes the Blue Ridge, Duggie has embarked on a new scheme to get rich, or at least solvent, by managing one of the local up and coming rock bands. Duggie is counting on their success to impress Jenny Carson, the love of his life, who is considering a move to Paris, France.

But the chemistry of rock and roll, as everyone knows, is one part talent to nine parts crazy,  and Duggie’s best-laid plans may blow up in his face. It would be enough to make a lesser man turn to drink. But that’s not the Moon way.

Will Duggie succeed in leading his rock and roll band to  acclaim before they turn on each other and burn out like a sun going nova?

Find out in Moon’s Blues.