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Tourist Season

All Ashore

When the sun shines in Seattle, the cruise ships come out to play. Tourists flood the market at Pike’s Place, get their pictures taken with the pig, watch the fish fly, buy trinkets. Some determined visitors even venture beyond downtown, riding the Duck to see Lake Union, the Space Needle, […]

I Brake For Sunshine

Come Into The Garden

The aptly named Fragrant Cloud.

The local palette.

The rhodi treehouse

Sound sunset

Good to the last drop.


Parade Grind

Summer officially begins June 21st. In other parts of the country shorts and flip-flops will be worn, barbecues will smoke. Some people may even work up a sweat at local ball games and festivities.

In Seattle, summer arrives like a rock star, fashionably late and so beautiful that all is forgiven. You can’t stay mad […]

Poetry in Motion

The Huskies demonstrate a perfect blend of symmetry, timing and strength.

Some welcome spring with flowers. Some with horse races. In Seattle spring means the opening of boat season.

Sure, the boats are here all year round. But on the first Saturday in May the University of Washington’s stellar crew teams compete […]

Petal Lumination

The softer side of April casts a pale pink spell over the campus of the University of Washington. We gladly succumb.

Couch Gag

Why does a couch cross the road?

The answer to this age-old riddle depends on whom you ask.

If you asked the infinitely creative writers of The Simpsons, they might suggest that the couch has deep personal issues of its own to work through. No doubt putting up with Bart and Homer all these years […]

Goths to the Flame

Seasons come and seasons go, but complaints about the weather never wane.

As we reach the end of a dreary January here on the Northwest coast, we dare to hope that conditions will improve. Perhaps the sun will come out once or twice a week for an hour or two. Is that asking too […]

Sappy New Year

Exploding With Joy, or Not

Raise your hand if the mere thought of another New Year’s Eve makes you queasy with dread.

I’m all for auld lang syne and whatnot. A cup of cheer and thou beside me singing in the wilderness suits me fine. But the prospect of another loud, stimulant-fueled night […]

“Community” Delivers Outside the Box

At this time of year sometimes I find myself wishing that Elf would get Scrooged.

Some may suggest that this is merely a sign that I’ve wasted too many hours watching Christmas specials on TV, and I can’t deny it. I think I watch them, repeatedly, in hopes of recovering that twinkling sensation of Potteresque […]

Lenin Lights Up

Lenin Shines

Christmas spirit is a matter of opinion. The “right” way to celebrate, or even acknowledge the curious amalgam of traditions and customs which surround the last week of the year has become a popular political football in the last thirty years or so. And each year the game gets louder, thanks […]